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Arlington, Texas is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area with a population of over 380,000. Football fans know Arlington well because it’s the home to the Dallas Cowboys, a five time Super Bowl winning NFL team. Whether you live here, or just came to watch a football game, we at NAME have perfected our business of bringing you to the nearest dentist possible. According to a research done by McKinsey & Company, almost 42% of adults in Texas haven’t been to the dentist in the last 12 months1. If you are one of these 42%, you have to know that you have increased chances of having a dental emergency. In case that happens, call 1-800-336-8478 and we will find an emergency dentist near you in Arlington.

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Average Dental Treatment Prices in Arlington

While prices will vary from dentist to dentist, the prices below are average pricing in the city of Arlington, TX2.
Dental Category Procedure Average Cost
Preventive Care X-ray (single) $17.43
X-ray (bitewing) $56.36
X-ray (complete) $122.38
Adult cleaning $85.14
Tooth sealant $42.82
Fillings Silver amalgam $125.76
Composite resin (front teeth) $118.99
Composite resin (rear teeth) $120.69
Inlays One surface $525.25
Two surface $686.06
Three surface $897.65
Veneers Bonded plastic veneers $416.91
Porcelain veneers $858.72
Root Canal (Endodontics) Anterior root canal $611.58
Bicuspid root canal $740.22
Molar root canal $936.58
Periodontics Perio exam & x-rays $251.02
Scaling & root planing (quadrant) $313.66
Gingivectomy (single tooth) $242.56
Gingivectomy (quadrant) $753.77
Pedicle graft $736.84
Free gingival graft $758.85
Periodontal maintenance $212.09
Oral Surgery Simple extraction (per tooth) $127.46
Surgical extraction $245.95
Dental implant $2,419.41
Wisdom teeth (impacted) $584.07
Crowns Porcelain crown (metal) $877.34
Porcelain crown (gold) $1,134.63
Gold crown $1,085.54
Dentures Complete denture (upper) $1,381.77
Complete denture (lower) $1,422.40
Partial denture (non-metal) $999.21
Partial denture (metal) $1,552.74

Emergency Dental Office in Arlington

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Alana K. Macalik, DDS

2265 W Green Oaks Blvd
Arlington, TX 76013
4.89 stars
296 total reviews

About The Office

Dr. Alana Macalik, or “Dr. Mac,” is passionate about dentistry. Her interest in becoming a dentist began at the age of twelve when she got braces (a rite of passage that most tweens and teens would dread). But Macalik actually loved every minute of wearing braces and it was her caring and compassionate orthodontist that made all the difference. From that time on, she knew that helping people smile would be her life’s work. Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Dr. Macalik graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and Baylor College of Dentistry. She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry as wll as the Dallas County Dental Society and the Texas Dental Association.


Amazing Dental

Aamir Budhani, DMD
2745 N. Collins
Arlington, TX 76006
4.86 stars
229 total reviews

About The Office

If you’re looking for your new favorite dentist in Arlington, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Amazing Dental is one of Arlington’s leading full-service dental practices. We’re devoted to a patient-first philosophy and staying at the top of our field. When you join the Amazing Dental family, you are always treated like family. Whether you need routine cleanings, root canal therapy, dental implants, or an emergency dentist, Dr. Aamir Budhani of Amazing Dental can do it all. Dentistry is a constantly-changing field, and we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technological advancements and techniques. To learn more about what we do or what we can offer you, call us today! We’re proud to be your trusted north Arlington dentist! When Dr. Budhani opened Amazing Dental, he was excited to embark on his own journey and practice dentistry the way he wanted to: with a patient-focused philosophy and an emphasis on patient education. Every time Dr. Budhani suggests a treatment plan or sits down with a patient to discuss oral health, he thoroughly explains their x-rays, what is going on with their teeth, and, most importantly, why he is suggesting the plan that he is. He thoroughly enjoys being able to pick the labs that he trusts and the materials he believes in to provide his patients with the highest possible quality of care. Here, he is honored to be able to really take care of his patients, develop long-term relationships with them, and share a mutual sense of loyalty. A part of this loyalty to his patients is being cognizant of lab fees and his patient’s stress. Dr. Budhani’s patient philosophy is predicated upon nurturing a long-term, trusting relationship with each patient. Between never rushing a patient, taking care to spend as much time with patients as they need, and his “raise your hand, and I’ll stop right away” technique to ensure that every patient feels safe, secure, and in control of their dental care, Dr. Budhani strives to make his patients feel like family. Since dentistry is a constantly-changing field, Dr. Budhani is committed to keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and techniques so that he can continue providing unparalleled patient care and results. Dr. Budhani is one of Arlington’s most beloved and trusted dentists, and his passion is continuously fueled by his patients. Every patient and every case is different, and he stands behind all of the work that he does.


Mark C. Marchbanks, DDS

2624 Matlock Rd
Arlington, TX 76015
4.97 stars
235 total reviews

About The Office

From the moment you step into the office of Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. Family Dentistry, you’ll understand why Dr. Marchbanks is Arlington’s favorite dental health care provider. At Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S., your individual dental care is the top priority. Dr. Marchbanks and his experienced staff of dental professionals work to provide world-class dentistry to each patient while also providing a comfortable and relaxing environment at their Arlington dental office. The knowledgeable team at Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. Family Dentistry gets to know each patient to better address their dental needs, and to ensure absolute confidence throughout every appointment. If you want a brighter, healthier smile, turn to Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. for the best dental care in Arlington.


Ivyrose Family Dentistry

Rosa Beck, DDS
2131 N Collins St
Arlington, TX 76011
4.95 stars
46 total reviews

About The Office

Our office prides itself in putting the care and comfort of our patients first. We provide personal, passionate service across a spectrum of dental services. We also pride ourselves in sourcing our lab work to local labs only. This provides higher quality, quicker turnaround times, and less expensive costs for our patients. Ivy Rose Family Dentistry is a state of the art dental facility featuring a team of dentist who understand the history, science, and nutritional aspects of dentistry. Our staff is dedicated to upholding the highest dental standards, while providing professional and comfortable patient treatment. We believe having a beautiful smile means having a healthy smile. Therefore, cosmetic dental procedures solve aesthetic issues as well as underlying problems that hinder your teeth from looking their best. We offer some of the most effective cosmetic dental treatments in the world. Our dental practices have the capability of handling a wide spectrum of dental treatments for every age group. We have a team of dentists that understand the unique challenges that children, teens, adults, and senior citizens face. Therefore, your entire family can expect knowledgeable and professional service at Ivy Rose Family Dentistry.


James T. Gray, DDS

901 S Center St
Arlington, TX 76010
4.95 stars
80 total reviews

About The Office

When it comes to caring for patients, Dr. James T. Gray and his gentle, caring team are proud to offer the highest quality, comprehensive dental care for our Arlington dental patients. We offer a different kind of dental experience with the goal of helping patients achieve and maintain their healthiest smiles. Best of all, your comfort is our priority and we do everything we can to ensure you are at ease and relaxed while with us. Concerned about the cost of dental care? Please do not hesitate to contact our team to find out more about how we help patients maximize insurance and achieve affordable financing. Our team is dedicated to serving local and global communities. We sponsor, volunteer with, and fundraise for a number of charitable organizations, local school, and community events and activities each year. Dr. Gray also participates in youth mission trips and has gone to Romania and Cuba with Serving Him Ministries since 2008, providing health and healing while they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How to find a 24/7 emergency dentist in Arlington

Our dental referral specialist can help you locate an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Find an emergency dentist open 24/7 in ArlingtonArlington is a city with 200 dentists, compared to all of Texas with about 14,250, according to KFF3. With this many dentists in a city, one would think it’s fairly easy to find a dentist when you need him the most. That’s when you’re wrong. Many dentists accept emergency cases but not in off hours such as at night or weekends. According to the American Dental Association, only 4% of dentists in the US work on Sundays. 45% of dentists work on Saturdays4, but that is still less than half the dentists in the city. There are many ways you can find a dentist near you, including websites such as Yelp. However, if you want to quickly locate an emergency dentist near you and have an appointment scheduled in no time, give us a call.

You can call us for any type of dental emergency. If you have a chipped or a fractured tooth, a lost or broken crown, a knocked out tooth, bleeding gums, or any knots and swelling on your gums, you can look for an emergency dentist. If an abscess is causing facial swelling, you should seek out an emergency dentist immediately. Otherwise, it could lead to much more serious problems than just your tooth, because it means the infection has spread through the tooth to your jawbone. In any case, letting us locate an emergency dentist near you and scheduling an appointment for you is the best thing you can do. It’s faster and more efficient than finding a dentist yourself on the internet.

Things to know before your emergency dentist appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

Checklist prior to visiting an emergency dentist in ArlingtonYou should arrive early before your dentist appointment. Arriving early helps you not feel in a rush when you enter the dentist office, because you still need to fill out some forms before your treatment begins. Also it will help you feel less anxious if you have time to sit down, get used to your surroundings and get to know the staff. Try not to eat or drink any sugary or caffeinated foods or beverages before your appointment. These also feed to your stress levels, because they give you too much energy. Getting a good night’s sleep can also let you feel more relaxed before your appointment.

When in the dentist’s chair, there are other things you can do to get rid of your anxiety. Having a signal with the dentist to let him give you a short break during the treatment is a way for you to refocus and relax a little. If you don’t like the sound of the drill, you can bring headphones and listen to your music. You can ask the dentist to guide you through each part of the procedure, so you won’t have any fears of what’s coming next. Bringing a friend to your dentist appointment is another way of reducing your anxiety level, because you will feel safer knowing that someone you know is in the waiting room. Finally, just as children bring their toys, you can bring a stress relief ball with you to the dentist. Having something to hold on will make you feel secure.

Get a walk-in emergency dentist appointment today

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Emergency dentist walk-in visit in Arlington without an appointmentA research done by the American Dental Association has found that 28% of people in Texas are avoiding smiling and feel embarrassment due to the condition of their mouth and teeth5. This number is too high, and tells how much Texans have problems with their teeth. If you don’t go to the dentist every six months for preventive care, it’s very likely these situations will arise, along with dental emergencies. Only brushing and flossing your teeth unfortunately isn’t enough to keep your teeth healthy. Regular trips to the dentist are also necessary for maintaining your dental health. Insurance companies offer two free checkups and cleanings in most of their plans, knowing that otherwise expenses will be much higher. If you are one of these Texans and are experiencing a dental emergency, your first choice might be to go to the nearest dentist for a walk-in.

Most dentists don’t accept walk-ins anymore because of their busy schedules. The staff at the dentist office will probably ask you to make an appointment if you show up for a walk-in. In case you are having a dental emergency and need to see a dentist as soon as possible, let us help you. Our dental referral agents can find an emergency dentist for you and schedule an appointment in less than three minutes. Even if the office is closed, we can schedule an appointment for you as soon as it opens so you’re the first one there.

Top emergency dentist procedures in Arlington

Learn about common dental emergencies and treatments.

Illustration of top dental emergencies in ArlingtonOne of the most common dental emergencies is a chipped tooth. It’s not too serious, but could get worse if not treated quickly, so a visit to an emergency dentist is what you need. More severe case of a chipped tooth is a fractured or a cracked tooth. Rinse your mouth with warm water if this occurs, and put an ice pack on the tooth while on your way to the dentist. Saving the tooth is possible if you get to an emergency dentist near you fast enough. The dentist can stop the crack from spreading, letting you use your tooth for many years to come. Similar procedure goes for a knocked out tooth, as well. Wash the tooth, but don’t scrub the root of it, and get to a dentist as quickly as possible. Don’t put ice on the tooth, but instead keep it in a container filled with milk.

Dental Insurance Plans Available in Arlington

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage.
Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP6 PPO $43.32 - $63.93
HMO (prepaid) $32.69
Ameritas7 n/a $19.50 - $67.81
Delta Dental8 PPO $18.50 - $42.25
DHMO $11.31
Humana9 PPO $19.99 - $30.99
HMO $14.99
MetLife10 PPO $33.62 - $42.36
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