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Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, and has a population of over 840,000. According to KFF, there are over 5,000 dentists in the state1, and since Charlotte is the largest city, most of them live and work there. However, as stated in a research made by McKinsey & Company, around 36% of adults in North Carolina haven’t had a dental visit in the last 12 months2. Preventive care is very important if you want to keep your dental health in good condition. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing after meals isn’t enough. Going to the dentist every six months for regular checkups and cleanings can keep the cost of your treatment down, and save your teeth from serious dental problems.

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Average Dental Treatment Prices in Charlotte

While prices will vary from dentist to dentist, the prices below are average pricing in the city of Charlotte, NC3.
Dental Category Procedure Average Cost
Preventive Care X-ray (single) $18.58
X-ray (bitewing) $60.18
X-ray (complete) $130.71
Adult cleaning $90.92
Tooth sealant $45.71
Fillings Silver amalgam $134.33
Composite resin (front teeth) $127.09
Composite resin (rear teeth) $128.90
Inlays One surface $561.13
Two surface $732.93
Three surface $958.99
Veneers Bonded plastic veneers $445.39
Porcelain veneers $917.40
Root Canal (Endodontics) Anterior root canal $653.36
Bicuspid root canal $790.81
Molar root canal $1,000.59
Periodontics Perio exam & x-rays $268.16
Scaling & root planing (quadrant) $335.07
Gingivectomy (single tooth) $259.11
Gingivectomy (quadrant) $805.27
Pedicle graft $787.19
Free gingival graft $810.70
Periodontal maintenance $226.56
Oral Surgery Simple extraction (per tooth) $136.14
Surgical extraction $262.73
Dental implant $2,584.82
Wisdom teeth (impacted) $623.97
Crowns Porcelain crown (metal) $937.29
Porcelain crown (gold) $1,212.18
Gold crown $1,159.74
Dentures Complete denture (upper) $1,476.22
Complete denture (lower) $1,519.62
Partial denture (non-metal) $1,067.50
Partial denture (metal) $1,658.88

Emergency Dental Office in Charlotte

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Jenny Gandhi, DMD
150 N College St
Charlotte, NC 28202

About The Office

Welcome to Pearl. With our convenient Uptown Charlotte Dentistry locations, this is not your typical dentist. It’s different from anything you have experienced before. The ambience is relaxed. The setting is designer chic. The technology is cutting-edge. Calm your mind and your senses. Gone is the fear and anxiety that is traditionally associated with going to the dentist. The team at Pearl is committed to you. Your health, your smile, your comfort, and your convenience are at the core of what we do. A five-star experience at an affordable, in-network price in Uptown Charlotte Dentistry. Going to the dentist isn’t fun, but we get pretty close. Did we mention that our services include free in-office whitening for life and Invisalign? This is dentistry reimagined.


Plaza Midwood Dentistry

Michael C. Farmer, DMD
1308-F The Plz
Charlotte, NC 28205

About The Office

At Plaza Midwood Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental care in a warm, friendly, and caring environment conveniently located minutes from Uptown Charlotte, NC. Our state-of-the-art office is designed with a focus on offering our patients the most comfortable experience and allowing our team to provide you with the highest quality dental care. Charlotte dentist Michael C. Farmer, DMD and all of our dental team are highly trained to offer you comprehensive dentistry – from children’s dentistry to dentures – we are here for our patients throughout a lifetime of care. We offer digital x-rays, tooth colored fillings, teeth whitening, nitrous oxide (laughing gas, a mild type of sedation dentistry), crowns, teeth whitening, and dental implant restorations, among other services. We love our family of patients and encourage them to maintain their dental health and overall physical health. Dr. Farmer and our dental team always welcome new patients and we believe that you will see the difference in our practice on your first visit to our office. We provide an environment that is judgment-free no matter your current dental health; we want to help you and make you as comfortable as possible while doing that.


Inspiring Smiles Dentistry

Michael Gross, DDS
1600 E Woodlawn Rd
Suite 361
Charlotte, NC 28209

About The Office

Inspiring Smiles Dentistry of Charlotte, NC loves helping people with their dental needs. We strive to create positive experiences, especially for those who have had an unpleasant dental experience in the past or those who just want the most beautiful smile possible. We believe that high quality dental care shouldn't be limited to those with insurance, therefore we've established affordable rates for the uninsured. We accept most major insurances and will happily submit claims as a courtesy to our valued patients. We do not accept Medicaid. We believe that customer service is as important in the medical field as it is in the hospitality industry. We take patient care very seriously and will seek to make your visit pleasant and as enjoyable as it can be. We understand that going to the dentist can be unpleasant and we want to change that. Therefore, great care was taken to create a space that was warm and welcoming as well as modern and efficient. Come see and experience it for yourself!


Pineville Dentistry

Lina V. Mistry, DDS
10410 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC 28210

About The Office

We think you will appreciate the warm and friendly manner in which we treat patients. Our commitment is to apply our dental knowledge and skills in a caring and gentle way, so you can feel at ease as we help you attain the smile you desire. Through excellent preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry PLUS technologies that make dental visits more pleasant than before we work with you to achieve a smile that can maximize your personal health and appearance, and raise your self-esteem. We’re also a kid friendly office, and we want you to know that we enjoy patients of all ages! It's our sincerest desire to provide the very best that dentistry has to offer to our patients in greater Charlotte North Carolina and surrounding area. Our warm and caring staff are a dedicated and professional group that will work hard to put you at ease and make you comfortable the moment you step into our office. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice!


Burley Dentistry

Erika V. Burley, DMD
2907 Providence Rd
Charlotte, NC 28211

About The Office

At Burley Dentistry, Dr. Erika V. Burley has provided the community with experienced and helpful dental services for more than 17 years. Dr. Burley is focused on communicating with her patients so she fully understands the exact needs of each patient and can develop a unique course of action. Your comfort is a top concern of our entire staff. That is why we have taken the extra step to provide a welcoming environment for you to receive experienced cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte. Our team is able to help patients of all ages with their cosmetic dentistry needs. We have developed helpful dental strategies for a wide range of patients. Whether it was for a full-mouth reconstruction, general dentistry, or oral surgery, we were focused on providing dental care that was tailored to meet the specific needs of each person. If you are looking for a dentist to take care of you and your family with excellent dental care, you can find that here at Burley Dentistry. We have numerous amenities to make your visit to our office more comfortable. Our office contains televisions, refreshments, blankets, and we can provide nitrous oxide for certain patients who need it during their procedure.

How to find a 24/7 emergency dentist in Charlotte

Our dental referral specialist can help you locate an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Find an emergency dentist open 24/7 in CharlotteCharlotte has around 420 dentists1, so if you live there you probably know where some dentist offices are located. Even if you don’t know, you can visit websites such as Google or Yelp and search for a dentist near you. These websites will let you know where the dentist office is located, their phone number, and the reviews. On the other hand, our website is here to show you that you can call us and in less than three minutes you will have an appointment scheduled with an emergency dentist near you.

Dental emergencies most often occur on weekends or other off hours, when people are enjoying their free time, and when most dentist offices are not open. According to the American Dental Association, 45% of dentists in the United States work on Saturdays, and only 4% are working on Sundays4. People experiencing dental emergencies during weekends, holidays, or even at night, can call us because we can schedule an appointment for you at any time of the day. Our close cooperation with dentist offices throughout the US lets us access their appointment books even if they’re not open, so you can have an appointment scheduled for the first thing in the morning.

If your gums are bleeding or have knots, your tooth is chipped, broken, or knocked out, your crown is broken or it fell out, or if you have an unbearable toothache, it means you’re experiencing a dental emergency. That’s when you should look for an emergency dentist near you.

Things to know before your emergency dentist appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

Checklist prior to visiting an emergency dentist in CharlotteIf you’re feeling dental anxiety, there are a number of ways you can try to alleviate that pressure. First you should get a good night’s sleep before you go to your dentist appointment. Getting enough sleep puts us in a good mood, and therefore relieves us of anxiety. After you wake up, no matter how much you need it, don’t drink your coffee. Drinking caffeinated and sugary beverages does give us more energy for the day, but is also makes us more nervous, which is the last thing you want when you’re going to the dentist. Next, you should arrive to the appointment at least 15 minutes early, because you don’t want to be in a rush, and sit in the dentist’s chair as soon as you enter the office. You want to have some time to get used to the surroundings, and fill out any forms the staff at the dentist office gives you.

Bring a friend with you to your emergency dentist appointment. You will feel better during the treatment knowing someone you trust is waiting for you. If you don’t like the sound of the drill, bring headphones and listen to music. Dentist offices also play their own music during treatments, so you can focus on that as well. It helps with your anxiety if you’re holding on to something, so bring a stress relief ball, or a toy if your child is going to the dentist. Finally, don’t forget to breathe normally. Patients tend to hold their breath, thinking they can feel less pain that way, but in fact they are putting their body under more stress because it’s not getting enough oxygen.

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Emergency dentist walk-in visit in Charlotte without an appointmentIf you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you might think the best course of action is to go to the nearest dentist office and ask for a walk-in. However, it is very likely that the staff at the dentist office turns you away, asking you to make an appointment for a later time. This is mostly due to the fact that dentist work on very tight schedules that take time to carefully plan. Dentists can sometimes perform a checkup and a cleaning on one patient, while another is waiting for his anesthesia to take effect. This would be very difficult to do if the dentist office doesn’t know you’re coming. Another reason is that it can sometimes take up to 48 hours to check your information with the insurance company. Most often it takes a short time, but it’s never certain. That’s why the staff asks you about your insurance when you call to schedule an appointment. We will ask you the same thing when you call us, so we can locate a dentist that is in network with your insurance, or accepts your form of payment.

Every fifth person in North Carolina avoids smiling due to the condition of their mouth and teeth, according to the American Dental Association5. Since 36% of people in the state don’t go to the dentist even once per year, we can safely say that if you don’t practice preventive care, such as going to the dentist every six months for a checkup and a cleaning, you will have problems with your teeth, and the longer you wait, the more expensive your treatment will be.

Top emergency dentist procedures in Charlotte

Learn about common dental emergencies and treatments.

Illustration of top dental emergencies in CharlotteThe most common emergency treatment is treatment of a chipped or a cracked tooth. For both conditions, you should first rinse your mouth with warm water, then use an ice pack if there is any facial swelling. Even if there is no pain, you should immediately seek a dentist, because your tooth can get infected, or suffer further damage. If your tooth gets knocked out, pick it up by the head, and not the root. Wash it under water so there is no dirt on it, but again, be careful not to touch the root. Try to put the tooth back into its socket and bite down gently, and if you can’t, put it into a container filled with milk. Speed is the key here, because the dentist will have higher chances in saving the tooth if you get to him in under an hour.

Dental Insurance Plans Available in Charlotte

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage.
Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP6 PPO $43.32 - $63.93
Ameritas7 n/a $15.84 - $59.50
Blue Cross Blue Shield8 n/a $41.01
Delta Dental9 PPO $18.57 - $40.44
Humana10 PPO $17.99 - $36.99
MetLife11 PPO $35.44 - $44.56
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