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Cheyenne is the largest city in the state of Wyoming, even though it has a population of only 65,000. The city is also the capital of the state. Wyoming is the second least populated state in the US, only behind Vermont. If you’re in need of an emergency dentist, you can always give us a call. We can locate the best suited dentist for you, whether it’s one that specializes in general, pediatric, or sedation dentistry. All you need to do is call 1-800-336-8478 and our dental referral specialists will locate the nearest dentist available for your dental emergency in less than 3 minutes, and immediately schedule an appointment for you.

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Our dental referral specialist can help you locate an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Find an emergency dentist open 24/7 in CheyenneThere are not too many dentists in the state of Wyoming; only about 280 of them1. This means that you might have problems when searching which dentist to go to, or where the nearest one is located. This may be especially true if it’s a weekend, because according to the American Dental Association, 45% of dentists in the US are open on Saturdays, and only 4% are open on Sundays2. If you give us a call, our dental referral agents will ask you about your location, after which they will locate an emergency dentist for you. Even if you call us at times when the nearest dentist is not open, we will find a dentist that can take you in for an emergency treatment, or we will schedule an appointment for the first thing in the morning. Since we have access to dentists’ appointment books, we can make your visit a priority, and have you in the office as soon as they open.

While some dental emergencies don’t have to be treated right away, others like a knocked out tooth should be. In case of a knocked out tooth, you should see the dentist in less than one hour if you want your chances of saving the tooth to be high.

A dental emergency is any situation where you have an unbearable toothache, bleeding, knocked out tooth, facial swelling, or broken braces. In any of these cases, don’t wait until your tooth gets worse, but call us to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist for you.

Things to know before your emergency dentist appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

Checklist prior to visiting an emergency dentist in CheyenneBefore you go to a dentist, you should have your dental records with you. If you’re seeing the same dentist, they should have them, but if you have an appointment scheduled with a new one, you should ask the previous dentist to give you a copy of your dental records. They contain information that is very useful to the dentist, such as your previous procedures, medication history, and location of your fillings, crowns, and root canals. Your dental records also include your x-rays, which will also save you time and money, because you probably won’t have to take them again.

If you have dental anxiety, be sure to inform your dentist when you’re scheduling an appointment. If you’re looking for a dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry, tell us about it when talking to our referral agents. The dentist can use different forms of sedation, depending on the severity of the treatment, but also depending on your level of anxiety. Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, can be used for mild cases of anxiety, while the most serious cases require general anesthesia.

You can bring a friend with you if you feel anxious about your dental appointment, because it will give you a sense of security. Take headphones with you to listen to music during the treatment to relax, and keep your mind off the procedure. It can also help if you have something to squeeze on, like a stress relief ball, or a toy for a child.

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Emergency dentist walk-in visit in Cheyenne without an appointmentThere are a number of reasons people look for walk-in dentists. One of them is because they know where the nearby dentist is located, so they don’t want to call. Another is because they think the dentist can take them in for an emergency treatment right away. In both cases, they think a walk-in is faster than calling and scheduling an appointment. While a dentist may have time to treat your dental emergency, most of them will turn you away and ask you to make an appointment for a later time if the tooth doesn’t have to be saved right away. This is because dentists have busy schedules, and should have knowledge of which patient is coming for which procedure if they want to efficiently run their office.

A better way to schedule an appointment in case of a dental emergency is through us. Our offices are open 24/7 and our dental referral specialists are trained to find a dentist that is best suited for your needs. We can locate an emergency dentist for you that is in network with your insurance or accepts your form of payment. There are other ways of finding a dentist that are better than looking for a walk-in dentist, such as using Google or Yelp, but the advantage of locating a dentist through us is that you will spend less than three minutes on the phone to have an appointment scheduled with a highly qualified dentist near you.

Top emergency dentist procedures in Cheyenne

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Illustration of top dental emergencies in CheyenneAccording to a research done by McKinsey & Company, almost 35% of adults in Wyoming haven’t had a dental visit in the last 12 months3. Remember that the longer you wait to see a dentist, the higher chances are that your teeth will develop serious dental problems. Some of the top emergency procedures in Cheyenne are a chipped or a broken tooth. While it seems a chipped tooth is only cosmetic problems, it can easily lead to an infection or your tooth suffering from a complete fracture. In that case, the dentist will have to perform a costly treatment such as a root canal, and later install a crown. If you go to a dentist fast enough, he might be able to save your tooth without performing any extensive procedures.

Dental Insurance Plans Available in Cheyenne

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage.
Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP4 PPO $43.32 - $63.93
Ameritas5 n/a $15.98 - $59.50
Delta Dental6 n/a $32.00 - $38.50
Humana7 PPO $18.24 - $30.99
MetLife8 PPO $29.30 - $37.13
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