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Dallas is one of the ten largest cities in the US with a population of over 1.3 million. The larger Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area has over 7.5 million people. With such a large population you'll be happy to know that Dallas residents have access to some of the best dental care available anywhere, but the last thing anyone wants to do during a dental emergency is spend time researching the best emergency dentists that are available to see same-day new patients, so we've solved the problem for you. We searched through the most popular online resources for reviews and dentist evaluations such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Google, Zocdoc, Vitals and more, to find the best rated emergency dentists in Dallas. Our process is quite simple, but very time consuming. We analyze thousands of consumer and patient reviews to eliminate any fake or what appears to be paid reviews, and then aggregate all of the data across the different platforms to bring you the best emergency dentists we can find. With the thousands of pediatric dental emergencies that have come through our service, we also specialize in locating pediatric dentists to address any emergency your child may be experiencing. If you are looking for a dentist near you in Dallas, browse some of the listings below, or, for a more comprehensive experience, call us to have a trained dental operator take care of the whole process for you, free of charge. Simply dial the number above to get in touch with our dental referral specialists to find the best emergency dentist office open now near you. No matter if it’s just a toothache, or a knocked-out tooth, we can help 24/7.

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Emergency Treatments in Dallas

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Dental Costs

See average prices in Dallas for common dental procedures & emergencies.

Emergency Dentists

Listings for some of the available emergency dentists in Dallas.

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Important Things To Know

Useful things to know before going to the dentist for an emergency appointment.

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Learn about going to a walk-in dentist near you in Dallas.

Top Emergency Procedures

Here are some things you can do at home when a dental emergency occurs.

Average Dental Treatment Prices in Dallas

A dental emergency and the accompanying pain can be consuming in itself, so quite often the dental costs are not considered until after the treatment. In order to help you better prepare for your dental emergency visit, we have provided a list of common procedures and their associated average cost. While procedure pricing will vary from dentist to dentist, the prices below represent average costs you might expect to pay for dentistry in Dallas, TX1.

Dental Category Procedure Average Cost
Preventive Care X-ray (single) $18.57
X-ray (bitewing) $60.12
X-ray (complete) $130.58
Adult cleaning $90.83
Tooth sealant $45.67
Fillings Silver amalgam $134.19
Composite resin (front teeth) $126.97
Composite resin (rear teeth) $128.77
Inlays One surface $560.56
Two surface $732.19
Three surface $958.03
Veneers Bonded plastic veneers $444.94
Porcelain veneers $916.47
Root Canal (Endodontics) Anterior root canal $652.70
Bicuspid root canal $790.01
Molar root canal $999.58
Periodontics Perio exam & x-rays $267.88
Scaling & root planing (quadrant) $334.73
Gingivectomy (single tooth) $258.85
Gingivectomy (quadrant) $804.46
Pedicle graft $786.39
Free gingival graft $809.88
Periodontal maintenance $226.33
Oral Surgery Simple extraction (per tooth) $136.00
Surgical extraction $262.46
Dental implant $2,582.21
Wisdom teeth (impacted) $623.35
Crowns Porcelain crown (metal) $936.35
Porcelain crown (gold) $1,210.96
Gold crown $1,158.57
Dentures Complete denture (upper) $1,474.73
Complete denture (lower) $1,518.09
Partial denture (non-metal) $1,066.43
Partial denture (metal) $1,657.20

Emergency Dental Office in Dallas

Below is a listing of dentists available to take emergency dental appointments in Dallas. We have collected data on some of the best emergency dentist, along with their bios and review ratings from around to web in order to help you make a more informed decision around choosing an emergency dentist. Call us now to book an appointment with one of these dentists, or let us search through our comprehensive network in order to find a dentist near you open now.
Kristen Seely DDS

The Dentist

Dr. Kristen Seely, DDS
11909 Preston Rd
Suite 264
Dallas, TX 75230
4.77 stars
157 total reviews

About The Office

For many patients a visit to a dentist office is not a lot of fun, but at The Dentist we have your comfort in mind at every step. From our easy online appointment request to dental chairs equipped with back massagers, satellite television, and surround sound noise cancelling headphones, we want your visit to The Dentist to be as relaxing as a trip to a spa. Unlike a traditional dentist office The Dentist has a cozy lobby with free beverages and a courteous staff that will greet you and make you feel welcome. You will not find a receptionist trapped behind a glass enclosure that barely acknowledges your presence. The Dentist has invested in your future. Each dental station is equipped with music, television, and a relaxing atmosphere. We have chosen to use the latest in technology to support our practice. This helps us to communicate more efficiently with-in the office and with each patient.

Kevin J. Potts DDS

Kevin J. Potts, DDS

8201 Preston Dr
Suite 475
Dallas, TX 75225
4.96 stars
371 total reviews

About The Office

I think the culture of my dental practice revolves around a common goal — the patient experience always comes first. That means we cover every angle to ensure you have the finest care modern dentistry can provide. Dentistry has changed dramatically, just in the last few years. There are so many new and improved treatment options I have integrated into my Dallas dental office, that not only is it easier to treat a variety of patients, but our patients have loved the new dental experience. What really matters to me is not how long it has been since your last dental visit, but focusing on taking you from where you are to where you want to be, in a way that’s most comfortable for you. As dental technology surges forward, I constantly integrate the latest tools, training and techniques that will deliver the best results to each individual patient, in the most comfortable way. Combining the latest high-tech dental equipment, where the degree of accuracy is top-notch, with a comfortable and relaxing feel is only part of my commitment to provide you with a different experience that is professional, painless and easy. As a Doctor of Dental Surgery, I’m honored to be an on-going recipient of Texas Monthly’s “Super Dentist” award for six consecutive years, from 2009 to 2016, as well as being included in D Magazine’s “The Best List” for the last four years. I consistently strive to exceed your expectations and it’s a wonderful feeling to receive such positive dentist reviews and referrals from our patients. From the moment you step into my office, you’re treated like family.

Lawrence Wong DMD

The Dentist On Skillman

Lawrence Wong, DMD
5815 Live Oak St
Dallas, TX 75214
4.91 stars
102 total reviews

About The Office

The Dentist On Skillman is an ultra-modern dental practice that combines state-of-the-art technologies with tried-and-true methods to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of oral care. We know your time is valuable and we pride ourselves on our ability to be efficient without sacrificing attention to detail. Digital diagnostic imaging means instant x-rays while reducing radiation exposure by up to 90 percent. Dental records are electronic and secured on the cloud, allowing us to access your personalized care plan at the touch of a button. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be something you dread. At The Dentist On Skillman, we believe that modern dentistry should be relaxing and maybe even slightly enjoyable. We make it easy to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime to ceiling-mounted HDTVs from the comfort of your chair, and our complimentary Wi-Fi ensures that everyone can find something to make their visit as comfortable and entertaining as possible.

Dominique Fufidio DDS

Katy Trail Dental

Dominique Fufidio, DDS
4152 Buena Vista St
Dallas, TX 75204
4.92 stars
274 total reviews

About The Office

Welcome to Katy Trail Dental, the practice of Dr. Dominique Fufidio, where patients actually look forward to their appointments — really. Our goal is to provide you with a dental experience that is enjoyable, stress-free and brings a (healthy) smile to your face. Katy Trail Dental, the practice of Dr. Dominique Fufidio, is not your average Dallas dental office. Yes, we offer everything you’d expect from a general and cosmetic dentist's office, but our passionate focus on personalized care and patient comfort sets us apart — and helps our patients to feel at ease — whether they are here for a checkup or a root canal. We’re not just passionate about teeth. (Yes, we admit that we love teeth.) We’re also passionate about people. To us, providing an experience that brings a smile to your face is just as important as making sure your smile is healthy and beautiful. Our friend Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” While Katy Trail Dental offers patients of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Uptown, Highland Park, Katy Trail, West Village areas a complete array of restorative and cosmetic dental services, we also offer one of your best defenses against tooth decay, gum disease and other oral issues — regular cleanings and checkups. Routine office visits can keep your teeth free of plaque and tartar, and help identify problems at their start — rather than once there’s already damage to your teeth. We think Ben was on to something, and wonder if he shared that tidbit with his friend George Washington when he supposedly whittled him a set of wooden false teeth. Regardless, we encourage you to schedule an appointment twice a year to ensure your teeth are at their best.

Todd Brownlee DDS

Inwood Village Dentistry

Todd Brownlee, DDS
5470 W Lovers Ln
Suite 332
Dallas, TX 75209
4.85 stars
64 total reviews

About The Office

If you’ve ever visited the dentist and felt like no one ever learned your name or the entire team was between different appointments—you are not alone. This is unfortunately a common experience for patients at many practices… but not at ours. When you visit with Dr. Brownlee, you are his focus and #1 priority. We treat one patient at a time and always carefully explain areas for concern and possible treatment options. For your convenience, we invite patients to schedule block family appointments in one well-managed visit. Our skilled dentist and highly-trained team offer a multitude of preventive treatments, and we have years of experience working with the needs of young, middle-aged, and elderly patients alike. The best way to ensure dental health is through routine, preventive checkups and cleanings with our office—and Dr. Brownlee prides himself on preventing small issues from becoming costly, extensive problems.

How to find a 24/7 emergency dentist in Dallas

Our dental referral specialist can help you locate an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Find an emergency dentist open 24/7 in DallasEmergency dentists are never easy to find, especially when you need one. People most often search for these dentists when they’re having a dental emergency. Whether it’s a knocked out tooth, lost crown, facial swelling caused by an abscess, or a fractured tooth, it’s advised that you get to a dentist as soon as possible. Some of these conditions can do further damage if not treated immediately. Dallas has over 650 dentists2 so it is quite easy to find one near you using either an app like Google Maps, or a website such as Yelp. However, we have developed a service where we can take your phone call and schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist near you in less than three minutes, making us the fastest service on the market. Our call center is based in the United States, making it easier for our dental referral agents to locate an emergency dentist near you in Dallas.

Even if your dental emergency is a lost or a chipped crown, we can locate a dentist for you that can make a new one on the same day. These crowns are called CEREC crowns and are about the same cost as the traditional dental crowns. The difference is that these are made using the latest technology, meaning the fit to your tooth is better, the lifespan of the crown is longer, and the time needed to take them is less than one day. As opposed to these CEREC crowns, traditional dental crowns will require you to go to the dentist at least twice because you will need to get a temporary crown first. That is because the dentist needs to send an impression of your tooth to the dental laboratory, and it will take them one to two weeks to make it for you. You will need to get another appointment to take your temporary crown out, and install a new one.

A research done by the American Dental Association shows that almost 30% of adults in Texas avoid smiling and feel embarrassment due to the condition of their mouth and teeth3. Also, 23% of Texans feel anxiety because of their mouth and teeth. Too many people in the state feel like this, and we would like to help change it. If you don’t go the dentist on a regular basis, which is every six months, you risk getting your teeth in a bad condition. Regular visits to the dentist will allow him to diagnose any dental problems you might have and repair your teeth with a simple filling, instead of an extensive and costly procedure such as a root canal. In addition, root canal treatments are usually followed by installing a crown.

Things to know before your emergency dentist appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

Checklist prior to visiting an emergency dentist in DallasBefore you get to your emergency dentist appointment, you should prepare some things. One of them are your dental records, which are your medical history. Not only will the dentist see what previous treatments you had, but the dental records will also help him make the right diagnosis. You won’t have to take a new x-ray scan if the dentist has your dental records, and he will also see which teeth have root canals done, and which have fillings and crowns. You should call your previous dentist to obtain a copy of your dental records, and forward them to your current dentist. Besides your dental records, you should also have your insurance card ready, and any other related documents. The last thing you should have ready is the list of questions for the dentist.

The dentist will ask you some questions regarding changes in your health. You should tell him if you’re pregnant, or if you’re taking any medication or supplements. Depending on what kind of medication you’re taking, you might have to stop taking it before your appointment. He will ask you about your dental hygiene habits, and you should answer truthfully, because the dentist should know if you are improperly brushing your teeth, or even brushing and flossing too much. People tend to clean their teeth too much right before their appointment, and risk damaging their gums this way. Not only that, but the dentist will not have a real picture of your teeth and hygiene habits if you overdo it just before your appointment. Next he might ask you about your diet. He will want to know if you’re eating too many sweets, or drinking too many sugary beverages or coffee. Finally, you should tell the dentist if you’re anxious about the treatment. If he is aware you’re afraid, he can adjust the way he’s treating you, or use other techniques to make you feel relaxed.

If you need a dentist that uses sedation, you can tell us when calling us. Our dental referral specialists will find one near you that can use sedation to make you feel more relaxed. There are four main types of sedation that the dentist will use. The most common ones are oral sedation, and laughing gas, which is another name for nitrous oxide. The dentist can give you oral medication when you get to the office, or can even tell you to take some 30 minutes to one hour before your appointment. IV sedation and general sedation are usually used for oral surgery, and other more complicated procedures.

Get a walk-in emergency dentist appointment today

Call us to schedule you an appointment with an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Emergency dentist walk-in visit in Dallas without an appointmentFinding a dentist in Dallas isn’t too difficult since there are so many of them. What’s surprising is that about 42% of Texans haven’t been to the dentist in the last 12 months or longer, according to a research done by McKinsey & Company4. Not going to the dentist office for regular checkups and cleanings every six months drastically increases the chances of your teeth developing cavities, ultimately leading to you having a dental emergency. Most plans offered by insurance companies include free checkups and cleanings twice a year. They too realize that preventive care will not only save your teeth, but your money as well. We will find a dentist that is in network with your insurance, or accepts your form of payment when you call us.

Out of those people that haven’t been to the dentist in the last year, 61% said that it was because of the high cost, as states in a research done by the American Dental Association2. You will usually have to get an expensive treatment if you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time. If you need, our dental referral agents will find a dentist near you that offers help with financing. Around 19% of people have said they had trouble finding a dentist, and 15% cited the time or location were inconvenient as a reason for not going to the dentist in over a year.

If you’re having a dental emergency, then your first instinct may be to search the internet for the nearest dentist and try to get a walk-in. While in some cases this might work, most of the dentists today don’t accept walk-ins and will turn you away, asking you to make an appointment for a later time. Very busy schedules don’t let dentists take walk-ins as much as before. That’s why it’s safer for you to call us to make an appointment for you. We cooperate with many dentists in Dallas, which gives us access to their appointment books. This way, even if you call us in the middle of the night, we can schedule an appointment for you first thing in the morning. We will also make an appointment for you the first thing on Monday if there are no dentist offices open near you on a weekend. According to the American Dental Association, only 4% of dentist offices in the US are open on Sundays, and 45% are open on Saturdays5.

Top emergency dentist procedures in Dallas

Learn about common dental emergencies and treatments.

Illustration of top dental emergencies in DallasWe will list some of the top emergency procedures in Dallas, and what to do when one happens to you. For a chipped or a fractured tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water. Put an ice pack on your face if there is any swelling. In case of a knocked out tooth, pick up the tooth by the head, and not the root. Rinse it under water, but don’t scrub it, because the root may contain tissue that will later help the dentist with reinserting, and successfully saving it. Try to put it back into your socket and bite down gently until you get to an emergency dentist. If you can’t, either hold the tooth between your cheek and your gums, or put the tooth in a milk filled container. If you get to a dentist near you in less than 60 minutes, you will have high chances of saving the tooth. Even if you don’t make it to an emergency dentist near you in less than an hour, you still have a chance to save your tooth.

Dental Insurance Plans Available in Dallas

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage.
Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP6 PPO $43.32 - $63.93
HMO (prepaid) $32.69
Ameritas7 n/a $19.50 - $67.81
Delta Dental8 PPO $18.50 - $42.25
DHMO $11.31
Humana9 PPO $19.99 - $30.99
HMO $14.99
MetLife10 PPO $33.62 - $42.36
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