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Houston is the most populous city in Texas with a population of 2.3 million. The Space City is very well known for its Johnson Space Center, where astronauts are trained and sent to space from. Over 1,100 dentists reside in Houston1, so finding one won’t be too difficult. If you want someone to quickly locate and schedule an appointment for you, then you should give us a call. We can promptly schedule an appointment, no matter where in Houston you live, what kind of insurance you have, or what time of the day it is. Dental emergencies occur daily, and too many people are forced to wait for their dentist, instead of getting to one as soon as the emergency happens. Call us to locate an emergency dentist near you in no time.

The last thing anyone wants to do during a dental emergency is spend time researching the best emergency dentists that are available to see same-day new patients, and that's what we have done for you. We've searched through the most popular online resources for reviews and dentist evaluations such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Google, Zocdoc, Vitals and more, to find the best rated emergency dentists in Houston. Our process is quite simple, but very time consuming. We search through thousands of consumer and patient reviews to eliminate any fake or what appears to be paid reviews, and then aggregate all of the data across the various platforms to bring you the best emergency dentists we can find. With the thousands of child dental emergencies that have come through our service, we also specialize in locating pediatric dentists to address any emergency your child may be experiencing. If you are looking for a dentist near you in Houston, browse some of the listings below, or call us to have a trained dental operator take care of the whole process for you, free of charge. Simply call us at the number above to get in touch with our dental referral specialists to find the best emergency dentist near you.

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Dental in Houston

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Important Things to Know

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Top Emergency Procedures

Here are some things you can do at home when a dental emergency occurs.

Best Emergency Dentists in Houston

Below is a listing of dentists available to take emergency dental appointments in Houston. We have collected data on some of the best emergency dentists, along with their bios and review ratings from around to web to help you make a better decision around choosing an emergency dentist. Call us now to book an appointment with one of these dentists, or let us find a dentist near you open now.

Nolen Dental

Britt Nolen, DDS
415 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006
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4.91 stars
197 total reviews

About The Office

From restorative and cosmetic procedures to routine care, Dr. Britt Nolen has a variety of dental services available. We make every effort to meet your dental needs whether they are simple or complex. When you come to our practice, our top priority is to keep your smile bright and healthy. We are an in-network provider for most dental PPO plans and have payment plans available. If you want to get the smile of your dreams today, call to schedule an appointment. We’ll assess your current status and work with you toward optimal dental health! Dr. Britt Nolen grew up in the Houston area and attended the University of Arkansas and the University of St. Thomas. He achieved acceptance at the University of Texas Dental Branch after his third year of undergraduate school. After graduation from dental school in 1979, Dr. Nolen served as a professor of clinical dentistry and entered private practice in 1980. After practicing in Sugar Land and Katy for 28 years, Dr. Nolen and his wife Rebecca moved to the Montrose area and he recently opened his current office on Lower Westheimer.

Dr. Speck Dentistry

Mark Lee Speck, DDS & Rachel Joy Speck, DDS
3131 Eastside St
Houston, TX 77098
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4.96 stars
37 total reviews

About The Office

We offer a full-service, state-of-the art dental practice. In addition to general family dentistry, we offer the latest technologies in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. You will be treated as a special guest in our office. My staff and I strive to make your visit as pleasurable and pain-free as possible. Hopefully, it will be one that you will want to share with others. Nothing exudes beauty and confidence like a bright, vibrant smile, and we believe that everyone deserves to experience the life-altering benefits of a radiant, healthy smile. Our highly qualified team will work to create an individualized treatment plan specifically designed to address your unique needs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best care. A family approach to dentistry, we care about you like family.

The Dentists at Greenway

Bushra Makani, DDS
4015 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77027
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4.89 stars
716 total reviews

About The Office

At The Dentists at Greenway, we believe in building a lasting relationship with our patients, and we hope you will enjoy a rewarding experience while in our care. We are dedicated to achieving excellence from the moment you contact our office until treatment is complete. We treat all of our patients as though they were members of our own family, and our entire team truly wants you to feel safe and confident in our care. The Dentists at Greenway is a leading general dentist practice in the Houston area. We are located in the Greenway Plaza area which is very close to the Gallaria, West University, and Downtown. We use the latest in dental technology, including digital X-rays and intra-oral cameras. At The Dentists at Greenway, we take pride in giving you the smile you deserve. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

Hassid Dental

David M. Hassid, DDS
2415 W Alabama St
Houston, TX 77098
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4.86 stars
513 total reviews

About The Office

Looking for a dentist Houston residents know that they can rely on? Dr. David Hassid and the team at Hassid Dental provides comprehensive, compassionate dental care to fit our patients' needs and goals. We feel that overall health starts with proper oral care. By taking steps in preventative oral treatment and avoiding invasive procedures, we can keep you on track for overall well-being. As a dentist Houston patrons choose to call for the most comprehensive care, you can feel comfortable setting up an appointment with us as well. Our comfortable Upper Kirby dental office features state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the most advanced cosmetic and general dentistry treatments in the safest, gentlest way possible. At Hassid Dental, our team understands the importance of your smile and we are committed to dental care that improves your appearance, oral health and overall quality of life. We can help you achieve vibrant, healthy smiles through both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry procedures. In addition, Hassid Dental offers a convenient location & hours, partners with you in giving back to our community, and makes sure you are fully educated about each dental service we offer you. Dr. Hassid is a dentist Houston patients can trust with all of their dental care needs. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Greenspoint Dental

Louis Philippe Boss, DDS
12523 Greenspoint Dr
Houston, TX 77060
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4.83 stars
172 total reviews

About The Office

Dr. Bosse welcomes you to Greenspoint Dental. Since 1997 when he first started his private practice in Houston, Dr. Bosse has worked hard to maintain the satisfaction of all his patients. Well experienced in various general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, he’s confident that he can help you too. If you are looking for a dentist in Houston, give Greenspoint a call today! Since 1997, Greenspoint Dental has been providing general, cosmetic and restorative services to Houston and the surrounding suburbs. To better serve Houston’s multicultural communities, our dental staff speaks English, Spanish and French. Se habla espanol. On parle français. The friendly and knowledgeable Greenspoint Dental care team consists of Dr. Bosse, three dental hygienists, four front office reception staff, four assistants and one bookkeeper. Our modern offices use cutting-edge dental technology and equipment in order provide patients with the best dental services and successful treatment results. We offer blankets, pillows, warm towels and piped-in music to provide a comfortable patient experience. You'll have a calm, relaxing, and pain-free visit.

Average Dental Treatment Prices in Houston, TX

Everyone dislikes dealing with a dental emergency, and besides the headache of the discomfort, there are the dental emergency costs to deal with. In order to help you better prepare for your dental emergency visit, we have provided a list of common procedures and their associated average cost. While procedure cost will vary from dentist to dentist, the prices below represent average costs you might expect to pay for dentistry in Houston, TX2.

Dental Category Procedure Average Cost
Preventive Care X-ray (single) $17
X-ray (bitewing) $57
X-ray (complete) $123
Adult cleaning $85
Tooth sealant $43
Fillings Silver amalgam $126
Composite resin (front teeth) $119
Composite resin (rear teeth) $121
Inlays One surface $527
Two surface $689
Three surface $901
Veneers Bonded plastic veneers $418
Porcelain veneers $862
Root Canal (Endodontics) Anterior root canal $614
Bicuspid root canal $743
Molar root canal $940
Periodontics Perio exam & x-rays $252
Scaling & root planing (quadrant) $315
Gingivectomy (single tooth) $243
Gingivectomy (quadrant) $756
Pedicle graft $740
Free gingival graft $762
Periodontal maintenance $213
Oral Surgery Simple extraction (per tooth) $128
Surgical extraction $247
Dental implant $2,428
Wisdom teeth (impacted) $586
Crowns Porcelain crown (metal) $881
Porcelain crown (gold) $1,139
Gold crown $1,089
Dentures Complete denture (upper) $1,387
Complete denture (lower) $1,428
Partial denture (non-metal) $1,003
Partial denture (metal) $1,558

How To Find a 24/7 Emergency Dentist in Houston

We've taken the guesswork out of finding a nearby dentist in emergency situations. Our trained dental referral specialists will make sure you have a same-day booked appointment with a qualified dentist.

Finding a dentist that works 24/7 is next to impossible in Houston. However, finding one that works at night, on a holiday, or one that works on weekends to take care of your dental emergency is not impossible. 45% of dentists around the US work on Saturdays, while only 4% of them work on Sundays, according to the American Dental Association3. If you happen to experience a dental emergency at those times, instead of searching on Yelp and Google Maps, try calling us. Our service is much different than theirs because we don’t only locate a dentist for you, or show you reviews, but we also schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist near you. We can locate an emergency dentist in less than three minutes, making us the fastest service on the market.

If you’re unsure of what’s considered to be a dental emergency, try asking yourself one of these questions. Are your gums bleeding, or do they have knots or swelling; is your tooth chipped or fractured, is your crown lost or did it get damaged; did a wire of your braces come off and is scratching the insides of your mouth; did your tooth get knocked out; is your toothache so bad you can’t sleep or focus on anything else? If your answer to any of these is “yes,” it means you can search for an emergency dentist. If your breath smells very bad and you can’t seem to do anything about it, or you have facial swelling, it’s possible you have an abscess. It’s an infection in the root of the tooth, and needs to be looked at immediately by an emergency dentist.

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Things To Know Before Your Emergency Dentist Appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

We have some tips for you before you get to your dentist appointment. You should get a good night’s sleep before the appointment because people feel better when they’re well rested, and have less anxiety. Also, don’t drink any sugary or caffeinated beverages before your procedure. Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can fill out the papers the staff gives you, and to relax before the procedure starts. If you have dental anxiety, don’t be afraid to tell the dentist about it. Admitting you are afraid of the dentist will help you overcome your fears, and will let the dentist know to use appropriate techniques to make you feel more relaxed. If you are suffering from dental anxiety, you should always inform the dentist. During the procedure, he might talk to his assistant about something non-dental related, which will make you distracted and not think about your treatment as much. If you don’t want to hear the sound of the drill, bring your headphones and listen to music. Same as when kids bring a toy to the dentist so they can hold on to something, you can bring something, such as a stress relief ball, too. Agree on a signal with the dentist that will show him you’re either in pain, or that you need a short break. Finally, breathe normally. Most people try to hold their breath when they’re getting treated, but that only deprives your body of oxygen, making you even more anxious.

Bring you dental records to the dentist. These will include your past x-rays, information about your fillings, and crowns, previous diagnoses, procedures and treatment plans. Your dental records can also save you money, because you won’t need to have diagnostic procedures, such as taking x-rays. If the records are accurate, your dentist will manage your treatment better. He will be aware of any existing concerns and he will be able to keep track of changes happening with your teeth or gums. Your dental records are owned by your dentist, but you can get a copy of them. Ask your dentist to transfer your dental records if you don’t wish to do it yourself. If you’re seeing the same dentist as before, you shouldn’t worry, because he will have your dental records. When you’re going to your dentist appointment, also don’t forget to bring your insurance card, so the staff at the dentist office can check information with the insurance company.

Get A Walk-In Emergency Dentist Appointment Today

We specialize in locating a dentist near you that is available to take you in for an immediate appointment on the same day. Your emergency concierge is just a phone call away.

According to a research done by McKinsey & Company, 42% of people in Texas haven’t been to the dentist in the last 12 month, or longer4. The American Dental Association says that 19% of those people haven’t been to the dentist because they have trouble finding one, and 15% find time or location inconvenient5. The longer you wait to get to a dentist, the worse your condition will be. Not only will your dental health suffer, but your expenses will be much higher too. That’s why both dentists and insurance companies advise going to the dentist every six months. Most insurance plans offer free checkups and cleanings twice a year because preventive care is the key to keeping your teeth healthy. We all wish brushing and flossing teeth was enough, but unfortunately it isn’t. Preventive care is important if you don’t want your teeth to suffer, or you don’t want to spend a lot of money of expensive procedures such as a root canal treatment. A root canal is often coupled with installing a crown to stabilize the tooth, since a root canal leaves your tooth more susceptible to damage.

This is why our company came up with a service that connects people in need of an emergency dentist to dental offices across America. If you call us, our US based referral agents will schedule an appointment with a dentist near you in Houston. If you call us, we will find a dentist that is in network with your insurance. Regardless if you have insurance or not, we will find a dentist that accepts your form of payment. You can call us any time of the day, because our lines are open 24 hours a day. We have access to dentists’ appointment books, so no matter when you call us we can schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist near you.

Walk-in dentists are not as easy to locate as you might think. Many dentist offices advertise as accepting walk-ins, but they expect you to call first before coming. Dentists don’t accept walk-ins as much as before because they have busy schedules. If a dentist office wants to run efficiently, they will have to plan their schedule carefully. Sometimes one patient may be waiting for his anesthesia to take effect, while the dentist is performing a checkup on another patient. Once you get to the office, the staff there will have to check with the insurance company what type of insurance you have in order to give you an accurate pricing. While usually a quick process, this may sometimes take up to two days. That’s another reason why you will give your insurance plan information when you call to schedule an appointment, and why it may be difficult for the dentist to accept walk-ins. In most cases the dentist will turn you away, asking you to schedule an appointment first. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, and think that going to the dentist near you to try to get a walk-in is the best option, call us instead. Our dental referral specialists will schedule an emergency appointment with a dentist near you on the same day or the time that suits you best.

Top Emergency Dental Procedures in Houston

No single procedure defines a dental emergency, but the treatments listed below are most commonly encountered during emergency dental visits.

A chipped tooth is one of the top dental emergency procedures in Houston. It’s not an immediate emergency, such as an abscess, but should still get repaired before it leads to even more damage. The tooth can completely fracture, or an infection may develop, requiring you to do more extensive repairs. Other emergency procedures in Houston are a knocked out tooth, and a lost or a broken crown.

If you need a new crown made as soon as possible, call us to schedule an appointment with a dentist that makes them. CEREC crowns are built and installed on the same day as your first appointment, as opposed to traditional dental crowns, that will require you to get a temporary one first while your new one is being manufactured. That means you will have to have at least two appointments for a traditional dental crown. CEREC crowns cost the same as traditional dental crowns, but are made using newest technology that prolongs their lifespan and makes them fit your tooth better. Their biggest benefit is that they can be manufactured and installed on the same day.

Chipped Tooth

The most common dental emergency in the US is a chipped tooth. While it may not seem like a dental emergency, you should still seek out a dentist as soon as possible because your condition might get worse over time. If a tooth has already had extensive restoration, such as a filling, the chances are higher of it getting damaged, especially when biting down on hard foods. It can also get chipped because you’re grinding your teeth, which is a condition called bruxism. A chipped tooth that has been left untreated for too long can result in an infection of the nerve and pulp of your tooth. A root canal treatment will be needed in case of a serious infection. If a tooth has been chipped, there are chances of it breaking, because it is already weakened.

Broken or Fractured Tooth

One of the most common types of dental emergencies is a broken tooth. A broken tooth can result from a number of reasons including: cracks or chips from biting down on a hard object, severe facial impact from an accident, sports injury, a fall, dental decay that has weakened the tooth over time, or a dental filling that has weakened the tooth structure around it. The severity of the break will vary from minor cracks, to a tooth that has been broken down to the root, causing severe pain. If you are experiencing the latter, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water, and cover the tooth with gauze to help stop any bleeding. Next, place an ice pack on your mouth or face if there was an impact that caused the break, and call a dentist immediately. If you do not have a dentist, call us to get connected to an emergency dentist near you 24/7.

Loose Tooth

If a child with baby teeth has a loose tooth, it is perfectly normal. However, if an adult’s tooth is loose, it's a different story and can mean several things. One of them is trauma to the tooth structure caused over time by grinding or clenching your teeth too much. Another common reason for your tooth becoming loose is due to gum disease, where the bacterial plaque causes an infection that weakens gum attachment to the teeth. This can occur if your dental hygiene habits are poor. Some symptoms of gum disease are bleeding or sore gums, pus around the tooth, gum recession, bleeding during brushing your teeth, or your gums becoming red or purple. Besides practicing good oral hygiene, eating healthy and exercising can boost your immune system, which will in turn protect you from this condition.

Knocked Out Tooth

Whether it's due to a contact sport injury or any type of accident, a knocked out tooth is very serious. In case your tooth gets knocked out, pick it up by the crown or the head. Don’t touch the root if you want to have the best chance of getting it placed back into its socket by a dentist. After picking it up, carefully rinse it with water, but don’t scrub it or use soap to clean it. The tooth should be kept moist so try to put it back into its socket and bite down gently until you get to an emergency dentist. If you can’t put it back in, put it in a milk filled container, not water. Immediately see an emergency dentist near you because waiting longer than 30 minutes will decrease chances of the dentist saving it. If you can’t find an endodontist, who specializes in saving teeth, call us as soon as possible to locate one near you and we'll take care of scheduling your appointment.

Lost or Broken Filling

Fillings fall out in most cases because there is decay under them, and they cause the tooth to change shape, making the filling not fit the tooth anymore. One of the most important things to do when your filling falls out is for you not to swallow or bite down on it. In case it’s an amalgam, composite or glass ionomer filling, which is most of fillings these days, you can throw it away. If you haven’t swallowed it and it’s a ceramic inlay or gold filling, the dentist can put it back in its original place. If your tooth becomes sensitive to pressure, or hot or cold temperature after losing a filling, it is very likely that your dentil tubules have been exposed. They are the connection to the pulp of your tooth. You should try to avoid chewing with the side of the mouth where the dentils are exposed, and see a dentist to cover them with a new filling. If you don’t see a dentist immediately, make sure you clean your tooth very well because harmful bacteria can accumulate and harm your tooth even more.

Chipped or Broken Crown

A chipped or broken crown is not an uncommon occurrence, and should be addressed immediately in order to prevent additional complications from taking root. A crown is a protective overlay that is placed on top of a tooth, and without the protection of the crown, a tooth is susceptible to further decay and damage. You may also experience moderate discomfort and sensitivity in the event that your crown has been severely damaged or completely fallen off. If your crown is chipped or broken, rinse your mouth with warm water, and don’t eat on that side of the mouth until you go to the dentist, just in case something gets lodged there. Chips on crowns made of porcelain can in many cases be repaired using composite resin, thereby saving you the cost of having a new crown made. However, if the chip or crack on the crown is severe enough, your dentist will need to have a new crown made in order to prevent further damage to your tooth due to lack of protection from the damaged crown.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth is one that grows in at an awkward angle or doesn’t have enough room to emerge. Over 60% of wisdom teeth are impacted, so don’t worry if it happens to you. You might not even realize you have impacted wisdom teeth until your gums start to swell or hurt. Some other symptoms are jaw pain, difficulty opening your mouth, bad breath, and bleeding gums. If not treated, wisdom teeth that are impacted can cause pain, gum infection, or damage to other teeth because it’s pushing them too much. Wisdom teeth have the highest risk of tooth decay due to them being the last tooth in your mouth, or only partially erupted. Food and bacteria can easily get stuck between the tooth and the gums, possibly leading to an infection. You will most likely need to visit an oral surgeon to remove the impacted tooth.

Dental Insurance Plans Available to Houston Residents

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage for some of the most popular plans in the Houston area.

Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP6 PPO $43 - $64
HMO (prepaid) $33
Ameritas7 n/a $19 - $68
Delta Dental8 PPO $18 - $42
DHMO $11
Humana9 PPO $20 - $31
HMO $15
MetLife10 PPO $34 - $42

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