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A part of the Greater Los Angeles area, Long Beach is a city just over 20 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. It is home to one of the busiest ports in the world, where it generates around $100 billion in trade and employs over 300,000 people. You may be a citizen of Long Beach, or a just a sailor stopping by, but whichever you are, you might be in a need of an emergency dentist. If you don’t know where a dentist near you is, you can give us a call at 1-800-336-8478. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone anytime, and we want to make sure that people of Long Beach are covered, and are not struggling in the middle of the night, or on a weekend to find a dental office that is open near them.

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Average Dental Treatment Prices in Long Beach

While prices will vary from dentist to dentist, the prices below are average pricing in the city of Long Beach, CA1.
Dental Category Procedure Average Cost
Preventive Care X-ray (single) $23.90
X-ray (bitewing) $77.72
X-ray (complete) $168.98
Adult cleaning $117.50
Tooth sealant $59.44
Fillings Silver amalgam $173.66
Composite resin (front teeth) $164.30
Composite resin (rear teeth) $166.64
Inlays One surface $725.89
Two surface $948.19
Three surface $1,240.69
Veneers Bonded plastic veneers $576.14
Porcelain veneers $1,186.87
Root Canal (Endodontics) Anterior root canal $845.23
Bicuspid root canal $1,023.07
Molar root canal $1,294.51
Periodontics Perio exam & x-rays $346.82
Scaling & root planing (quadrant) $433.40
Gingivectomy (single tooth) $335.12
Gingivectomy (quadrant) $1,041.79
Pedicle graft $1,018.40
Free gingival graft $1,048.81
Periodontal maintenance $293.00
Oral Surgery Simple extraction (per tooth) $176.00
Surgical extraction $339.80
Dental implant $3,344.34
Wisdom teeth (impacted) $807.21
Crowns Porcelain crown (metal) $1,212.61
Porcelain crown (gold) $1,568.29
Gold crown $1,500.43
Dentures Complete denture (upper) $1,909.93
Complete denture (lower) $1,966.09
Partial denture (non-metal) $1,381.09
Partial denture (metal) $2,146.27

Emergency Dental Offices in Long Beach

Below is a listing of dentists available to take emergency appointments in Long Beach. Call us now to book an appointment with one of these dentists, or let us find you a dentist near you.
Will Grella, DDS

Will Grella, DDS

5175 Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804
5 stars
72 total reviews

About The Office

The Dr Will Grella DDS dental clinic is based in Long Beach, CA. The goal of the dental team is to establish a personal understanding of your dental health goals and to be your family dentist. This relationship must be one built on trust and commitment to your oral health. Our recommendations are made with your best interests in mind. Our office uses the most up-to-date techniques, materials and equipment. We have an extensive background in dentistry and have dealt with many different types of cases and dental needs. The Dr Will Grella DDS staff also has hundreds of hours of continuing education to draw upon in addition to our professional connections. All of these qualifications give us the reliable expertise needed to deliver the highest standard of dental care possible to you. What’s more, through gentle, caring and skilled dental services in a comfortable setting, we seek to educate, motivate and ultimately treat you, helping to achieve your dental health and cosmetic goals. For your convenience, we have free parking available in the front and the rear of our building. Our office is also wheelchair accessible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are open Monday through Saturday and by appointment.

Douglas R. Brooks, DDS

Douglas R. Brooks, DDS

3505 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90807
4.82 stars
123 total reviews

About The Office

For over 30 years, Long Beach family dentist Dr. Douglas R. Brooks and his dedicated team have committed themselves to providing patients of all ages with comprehensive dental treatments. Located in the historic Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach, our bilingual family dental practice services patients from the neighboring communities of Signal Hills, Lakewood, and Los Alamitos. At the office Douglas R. Brooks, DDS, we strive to provide each patient with a comfortable experience. By creating a soothing environment in both our spacious lobby and within each operatory, we are able to help patients feel at ease before, during, and following their procedure. For patients that may be feeling anxious prior to their treatment, our Long Beach dentist also offers sedation options to help ease your nerves and improve your overall dental experience. We believe that developing personal relationships with our patients is vital to providing the best dental care possible. Beginning with children as young as two, our family practice welcomes patients to get to know our team prior to undergoing any procedures. These initial visits provide us with the opportunity to develop lasting partnerships with our patients, allowing them to become comfortable in expressing their dental concerns and goals. Our dedication to our patients ensures that treatment is always centered on your unique health needs and aesthetic goals.

John H. Cho, DDS

John H. Cho, DDS

6226 E Spring St
Long Beach, CA 90815
4.87 stars
360 total reviews

About The Office

At the Long Beach dental office of John Cho, DDS, we treat every patient like family. Our dentist and highly-trained staff take a personal interest in the health and beauty of your smile and are attentive to individual needs at all times. We help children and adults alike maintain good oral hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet. We provide quality dental care to all of our patients because everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile. Our Long Beach dentist and his team believe in excellent patient communication and education in order to facilitate lasting oral health and personalized treatment. We offer attentive, one-on-one dental care in a comfortable environment that prioritizes long-term well-being, always taking care to achieve a mutual understanding with patients to provide successful treatment. Our Long Beach dental team utilizes reliable technology, such as an intraoral camera that clearly displays the full detail of your smile and enables us to offer precise recommendations for procedures. For more information about our Long Beach dental office, contact Dr. Cho today. We welcome patients for cosmetic dental consultations and routine visits for cleanings and other preventive services. We are located in SoCo (South of Conant) in Long Beach and welcome patients from nearby Los Altos, Lakewood, and Los Alamitos.

Daniel Tang, DDS

Daniel Tang, DDS

2535 Pacific Ave
Long Beach, CA 90806
4.95 stars
62 total reviews

About The Office

We have a lot to offer our patients. First, we minimize waiting when you arrive and allow plenty of time to treat you and care for your needs. Everything is explained and we allow for all your questions to be answered. We want our patients to be informed of treatment they’ll be receiving as well as their dental health. Second, our office has recently gone digital. This means we want to bring modern technology and incorporate it into giving our patients the best experience possible. Our scheduling, billing, treatment planning and even radiographs are state of the art. With our new digital x-ray system, the amount of exposure is dramatically decreased while allowing for quick and accurate viewing and diagnosis. Lastly, our fees are very reasonable and according to our patients- very economical. This allows for greater access to care and we want to better serve our community in the Wrigley Village and the broader Long Beach area. The office accepts many different types of insurance. Call to inquire more about our fees which are sure to be competitive! Dr. Daniel Tang is thorough in explaining his treatment. He is passionate about his work and wants to deliver the best treatment possible. He strongly believes in conservative treatment and preventative dentistry, as you will witness in his treatment planning. The supplies and equipment are top quality. Though we have only been in the Long Beach area for a couple of years, and quite contrary to how he may appear to be in his youth, Dr. Tang has the experience to care for you and deliver high quality dentistry-whether it’s for a root canal, extraction, filling, or even a routine cleaning! We do all aspects of dentistry and we are proud to provide all services in-house. Bottom line: we genuinely care about our patients’ oral health!

George Tashiro, DDS

George Tashiro, DDS

558 E Wardlow Rd
Long Beach, CA 90807
4.97 stars
32 total reviews

About The Office

If you're looking for a dentist who can make your smile look its best and provide routine care, then Dr. Tashiro can help you. We use the latest technologies including digital x-rays and tooth whitening. We'll help you keep your sparkle in your smile! Dr. Tashiro is a USC graduate who was born and raised in Long Beach and in Los Angeles. He has been practicing quality dentistry for more then 30 years. He is always keeping up his skills with continuing education and investing in new technologies. Dr. Tashiro is a member of the California State Dental Association and has been recognized for long standing commitment. Dr Tashiro is concerned about nutrition and treats the body as a whole.

How to find a 24/7 emergency dentist in Long Beach

Our dental referral specialist can help you locate an emergency dentist near you in less than 3 minutes.

Find an emergency dentist open 24/7 in Long BeachSince Long Beach is the second biggest city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, it also has a large number of dentists, around 3502. Finding a local dentist, especially with such a large number in the city, is never too difficult, yet 12% of Californians that haven’t been to the dentist in the last 12 months say it was because they are having trouble finding a dentist, according to the American Dental Association3. Emergency dentists cater to people who have unbearable toothaches, or even worse conditions. Even if locating a dentist is not difficult, getting one that is open and available when you need, can be a challenge. Luckily, our company has teamed up with dental offices to make your dental emergency less traumatic.

Locating a dentist near you nowadays is fairly simple. All you need to do is pick up your phone, open Google Maps and type in “dentist.” However, the steps you need to do to make an appointment might be longer. You need to find one near you, then call, make sure they have an open time slot for you, and finally confirm. With us the whole process is under three minutes. We’re the only ones that can make you the same day appointment, even if you need an emergency dentist in the middle of the night. All you need to do is give us a call, and our dental referral specialists will locate an emergency dental office near you in Long Beach.

Things to know before your emergency dentist appointment

Preparing for your emergency dental visit will help minimize anxiety and reduce the overall time you will have to spend at the dentist office.

Checklist prior to visiting an emergency dentist in Long BeachAfter you arrange your appointment with us, we want you to do one more thing. That is to prepare for your visit to the dentist. Showing up at the dentist’s office without any preparation might waste both your and your dentist’s time. If you can, have your medical records from a previous visit, or a previous dentist ready. Also, writing down problems that you have had over the last six months helps. Even if something is not bothering you now, maybe it is just dormant and can possibly evolve into a serious toothache. Always write down if changes in dental health occur.

Answering your dentist’s questions honestly is a must. Lying to your dentist about your brushing and flossing habits will do you no good. The dentist will ask you questions about your oral hygiene to improve your dental health, not for any other reason. Answering truthfully will let the dentist gain an insight into your dental health status, with which he can design the right treatment plan for you. Last, not but not least, brush your teeth carefully before your scheduled appointment. Don’t overdo it, as most people will, before the appointment because you might damage your gums from brushing too hard.

Get a walk-in emergency dentist appointment today

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Emergency dentist walk-in visit in Long Beach without an appointmentWhen finding a walk-in dentist turns out to be much harder than you imagined, call us. Our company works with many dentists in Long Beach, and we suggest you calling us instead of looking for a walk-in dentist for a number of reasons. First of all, most dentists in Los Angeles are quite busy, and simply asking for a walk-in will either leave you waiting for a long time, or leading you to give up and postpone your dental treatment. Dentists, more than often, have a tight schedule, and will ask you to make an appointment sometimes up to several weeks in advance. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, and don’t want to wait, give us a call.

We look at dental emergencies under a different light. We hire a number of dental referral specialists who will answer your phone call and amaze you with great service. With a special arrangement with dental offices, we can access their appointment books and schedule an appointment within minutes you call us. The whole point of having a service like ours is to spare you the trouble of locating a dentist, asking if he is in network with your insurance, and arranging what time you can go. With us, simply call our free number, talk to our dental referral agents, and in less than three minutes you’ll have an appointment scheduled with an emergency dentist near you.

Top emergency dentist procedures in Long Beach

Learn about common dental emergencies and treatments.

Illustration of top dental emergencies in Long BeachA great number of dental emergencies can happen to anyone. If you had bad luck and your tooth was knocked out, you have good chances the same tooth can be reinserted back into the socket. Never touch the root of the tooth, pick it up by the top and rinse gently. Avoid scrubbing it so you don’t remove any attached tissue. If you can’t put it back into your socket and bite gently until you see an emergency dentist, put it in a glass of milk. If you wait too long, the tooth might not be suitable to put back into the socket anymore. Other dental emergencies you might face can be a fractured tooth, facial pain caused by an infection, or any other swelling or unbearable pain.

Dental Insurance Plans Available in Long Beach

The insurance plan pricing below provides an estimated range of monthly premiums based on type of coverage.
Insurance Provider Plan Type Monthly Cost Range
AARP4 PPO $48.87 - $72.10
HMO (prepaid) $28.58
Ameritas5 n/a $19.50 - $101.42
Blue Cross Blue Shield6 PPO $28.70 - $37.40
HMO $17.60 - $21.80
Delta Dental7 PPO $33.91 - $68.25
DHMO $80.76 - $92.54
Humana8 PPO $20.99 - $46.99
MetLife9 PPO $33.62 - $42.36
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